Greetings from the President!

As my first act as President of the Sierra Nevada ARMA Chapter, I want to reach out to all of our members and provide you a bit of information about myself and the exciting new things to come during the 2017-2018 term!  I also what to thank you for your continued membership!

My records experience began about 30 years ago when I was assigned to be a Records Coordinator in the Legal Department of Sierra Pacific Power Company.  I had no idea what that would entail.  I worked as a Legal Assistant for 8 years and then became an Analyst for Investor Relations.  Somehow, I was always involved with records.  16 years later, I joined NVEnergy’s Corporate Records Department and have been there since.  Our Company had merged, been purchased and I realized I was starting a new chapter in my career.  I jumped in with two feet!!  The most enjoyable part of being in Corporate Records was pursuing the marketing of our department, engaging other departments, developing relationships and making the Company’s employees more aware of how important the management of records, of any format had become. 

So, what’s to come this year?  First of all, thankfully, we have gained membership and currently have 22 members from many different venues!  With the changes in the field of Records Management, the Sierra Nevada Chapter would like to provide effective programs that will enable us to keep up with our changing career field. With that being said, attached you will find a survey – please take the time to complete it and return it to me.  The Board hopes to gain some insight on what you want from YOUR organization.  Once we have an idea, we will be able to respond with the types of programs that will assist you in your profession and make our meetings more accessible and interesting. 

Events will vary this year.  Tours and presentation are all on the agenda!  Also, the Nevada E-Records Forum, that brings stakeholders together from various governmental entities to discuss shared interests and concerns about the creation, management, use, and preservation of records in an electronic format will happen this year.  This happens in conjunction with the State of Nevada Library, Archives and Public Record.  Normally it takes place in October and it is our major fundraiser.  I haven’t discussed it with the state, but would like to offer it to those outside of governmental agencies too.  We expect some excellent presenters, and I look for to working with the State Library on this project.  Your ideas for meetings are appreciated as well!

For many chapters, venders support the chapter in its effort to educate Records & Information Governance professional across different industries.  During my years with Sierra Nevada, we haven’t utilized sponsor packages, although Iron Mountain has come through for us very often.  I believe we should welcome and appreciate services that other venders could render.  I plan to learn more about how the sponsorship programs work and will reach out to corporations in the many Records Management Industries. 

Also, I would like to make it a goal for us to reach out to our many communities and, with the creation of a Membership Committee, solicit memberships from a variety of different business types to give us an opportunity to gain knowledge from these industries!  If anyone is interested in serving on the committee, please contact your Board.

And lastly, as you are aware, our Chapter’s support extends beyond the profession and we’ve continued to participate in community events.  In the past, we have initiated many shred events in conjunction with Iron Mountain, and I still feel this is a wonderful way to give to the community.  We incorporated an electronic recycling side to the event and that went over very well.  We have been a continued advocate for Step2 and the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.  This year we would like to push community service as well. If you have any ideas, perhaps something different, or another charity that would benefit from our efforts, I’d love to hear about them. 

With your help, we can make this a great year!  I hope to see you all! 

The President

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